Longarm Quilting Price Guide
Projects come to me in all shapes and sizes, I use the formula below to calculate individual quilting costs: Quilt width x Quilt length x 0.022 = £ final cost
Below is an at-a-glance guide for edge-to-edge quilting prices. I can provide a full quote once I have viewed your quilt. I use high quality cotton threads which are included in the price.
You can provide your own wadding or backing or I can provide that for you at an additional cost.

40" - 50" edge-to-edge - £44
50" - 60" edge-to-edge - £66
60" - 70" edge-to-edge - £92.40
70" - 80" edge-to-edge - £123.20
80" - 90" edge-to-edge - £158.40
90" - 100" edge-to-edge - £198

Showcase Longarm Quilting
The Longarm quilting of showcase quilts consisting of patchwork and piecing, appliqué, reverse appliqué, embellishment, or English paper piecing are priced individually and on sight of the project.

Quilting Preparation Checklist
• Do not baste your quilt prior to longarm quilting, bring your quilt to me in three separate layers (quilt top, wadding, backing).
• Trim any loose threads so the quilting is nice and tidy - this eliminates any threads showing through the fabric after quilting.
• Your backing and wadding need to be at least 3” larger than the quilt front on all four sides (this is to allow for the securing of the quilt to the Gammill Quilting Machine).
However, if your backing does not have this allowance additional fabric can be temporally added around the edge (in this case please ensure the backing fabric is at least 1/2” bigger than the quilt front on all four edges).
• Trim any selvedges and press open seams on backing joins.
• Square up your backing.

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